School Volunteer Forms

In order to volunteer in the school building (e.g. field trips, classroom and media volunteers), you must fill out a CORI form and Confidentiality Agreement and turn them in to the school office before volunteering.  These forms are good for three years. Download the forms from the Needham Public Schools website, listed under Volunteer Forms.

PTC Google Drive

All Committee Chairs and Board Members will have access to the PTC's Google Drive once they have been added to the email group for that committee or board position. Access is typically given in June for the following school year. If you are a new committee chair and don't have access, please contact to request it.

To log on to the PTC's Google Drive, go to and log in using your personal email address. If you would like to be given access to the Drive using a different email address, please contact Once logged in, click on the following links to access PTC documents:

After clicking on the links above, click on the name of the folder and select "Organize" and then "Add Shortcut". You can then select where in your Drive you would like to save the folder. In the future, you can go directly to and you should see the folder in "My Drive".

PTC Committee Chair Forms

After clicking on the link to one of the following forms, you can print the form by clicking on the Printer icon. To edit a form either: 1) click on File, Download As... and select Word, or 2) login to your Google account, click on File, Make a copy to save as a Google Doc. Save the copy in your committee's folder.

Committee Chair Procedures

Event Reservation Request

To reserve space in the school building, you must fill out an Event Reservation Request form and submit it to the PTC President at The President will review your request and pass it along to Roberta Redpath in the school office. If your event is held after hours, Roberta will also secure your town permit for use of the building. If anything changes with your event date or time, notify Roberta immediately.

Park & Recreation Permit

If your PTC event is taking place outside of the school building, you will need a permit from Park & Recreation in addition to the building permit. Please work with the Family Events Coordinator in filling out this form. It must be submitted by July for fall/winter events and January for spring events.

Templates and Logo

The following flyer and letter templates and logo are to be used for Broadmeadow PTC business only. Please make sure the logo is on all PTC correspondence. The flyer templates may be used if you wish or you can use your own version.

Flyer Distribution List

If you make flyers to put in student backpacks, please use the following list to know how many copies are needed. This information is for PTC business only.

Deposit Funds

To deposit funds collected at a PTC event, complete the deposit form below and contact to arrange deposit.

Check Reimbursement Request

To request reimbursement for PTC purchases, complete the reimbursement form below, attach your original receipts, and contact for drop off information. 

Committee Transition

Once you are done with your event, or at the end of the school year, write up what your committee did, what you bought, and what you learned on the committee transition form.  Send it to your Coordinator or file it on the Google Drive with the rest of your committee documents. We don't want to start from scratch each year!