THOMAS lets himself in.

The light is on in the corridor but the house seems empty.

A radio is playing a piano solo.

THOMAS comes forward, then stops and turns around, hearing a sound.

Through the venetian blinds we see him move towards the bedroom door and stand outside looking in, struck by what he sees.

BILL and PATRICIA are in bed making love, seen through the door.

Their heavy breathing can be heard above the piano solo coming over the radio.

THOMAS looks at them, slightly startled.

Close-up of PATRICIA.

She catches sight of THOMAS and stares at him, her head thrown back over the edge of the bed.

BILL is oblivious to his presence.*

THOMAS is about to withdraw discreetly.

Resume on BILL and PATRICIA.

She shakes her head, in a desperate attempt to restrain THOMAS.

Close-up of PATRICIA.

She nods towards THOMAS, in her eyes a clear invitation to stay.

THOMAS comes back, but is ill at ease.

Close-up of PATRICIA smiling.

She stares at THOMAS right until the orgasm, as if the man who is on top of her were excluded from the act, and instead it was THOMAS exciting her.

THOMAS turns away, tearing his eyes from the couple.

The sink is full of dirty dishes.

THOMAS turns back, but keeps his head lowered.

PATRICIA, seen in close-up, stares at him imploringly.

THOMAS looks for something else on which to fix his attention.*

The ashtray on the table is full of butts; the radio is beside it.

The bedclothes move, then camera moves away to one of BILL’s paintings on the wall above the bed.

Resume on BILL and PATRICIA.

Camera tracks out as THOMAS passes behind the venetian blind and hurries out of the house.

BILL raises his head at the sound of the door closing.

* The sections in red type were cut from the version of the film released in the USA.

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