09 September 2006
04 September 2009 (Chris Green)
09 January 2020

When Blowup was filmed the striking blue, bay-fronted, end of terrace property was 754 Woolwich Road, which had been known as 'Ernie's Café' in the early 1960s.
Finding the exact location of this property was quite difficult as it had been completely demolished (along with all other properties on the south side of this section of Woolwich Road) to make way for the Morris Walk Estate and the widening (and dualling) of the Woolwich Road.
Comparing pre-redevelopment maps with current aerial photography I am certain that the bay-front was located roughly where the central reservation and lane 2 of the westbound carriageway meet opposite the western bay of 831 Woolwich Road.

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©1967 City of London (thanks to Collage)
1. 754-738 Woolwich Road prior to demolition.
©1973 City of London (thanks to Collage)
2. During redevelopment numbers 754 and 752 were left in isolation attached to the truncated stump of number 750. Note: the original two-lane road in the foreground is now the eastbound carriageway of Woolwich Road. The railings and raised pavement mark the approximate location of the present-day central reservation.
©1973 City of London (thanks to Collage)
3. South side (rear) of 752 and 754. Note: the building to the far right is the pub on the opposite side of Woolwich Road (presently named 'Clancy's', at the junction with Warspite Road).
©1973 City of London (thanks to Collage)
4. East side of no 754 at junction with Tamar Street. White pillar (far right) is one of two outside 831 Woolwich Road.
©1973 City of London (thanks to Collage)
5. West side, showing exposed interior of no 750.