1976 (Jan Royal)
28 October 2007 (Tiffany Ogden)
29 October 2007 (Tiffany Ogden)
19 December 2008
14 September 2009

©1976 Jan Royal
1. Jan's image from 1976 shows major changes to the property that was used for filming ten years earlier.
The bedroom, galley-kitchen and hallway where David Hemmings [Thomas] first enters the property, and later where Sarah Miles [Patricia] is made love to under John Castle [Bill], has gone.
The only features that remain identifiable from the film are:
  • The wooden-framed doorway (the right hand door gave access onto the courtyard; the left-hand door gave access to the galley-kitchen and door through which Thomas accesses the property; and the middle panel was a fixed pane);
  • The right-hand drainpipe;
  • The un-rendered brick wall to the right.
What had been an internal courtyard became a patio, and where the bedroom, galley-kitchen and hallway had been became just a paved garden.
A recent extension (see image 1b below) has changed this view of the property even more, being built on what was the patio, and rendered in pink. The design of the wooden doors has been retained as the access point, though the proportions are slightly different.
©2009 Ian S. Bolton
1b. A new wooden-framed doorway has become the extension's external access.
The original spiral staircase (as seen in the film) has been moved into the space created to give more room internally (see images below).
2. The spiral staircase in the background as per the plan below.
©2007 Jan Royal
2a. Jan's sketch of the floor-plan c.1976. The three thicker lines at the bottom are the wooden-framed doorway that led onto the patio.
©2008 Ian S. Bolton
2b. The original spiral staircase has been moved into the new extension adjacent to the wooden-framed doorway.

40_09_004z. (Click for larger image.)
©2009 Ian S. Bolton
40_09_004za. As near to original shot as I could get. (Click for larger image.)