I would like to express a huge debt of gratitude to all of the following for their help, support and priceless contributions to this project. I could not have produced as much usable information or as many quality images without them (listings in alphabetical order):

  • Arthur Evans: for priceless on-set images
  • Chris Green: fellow 'Blowup Guy' and supersleuth
  • David Cornish: for priceless pics (LOCATION 12)
  • David White (Brixton Leisure Centre): for access to photograph permission (LOCATION 02)
  • Graham Cassie (Cassie Mercantile): for access to photograph permission (LOCATION 09)
  • Jan Royal (in Australia): for priceless pics (LOCATION 09)
  • John Hooton: for priceless pics and information (LOCATION 08)
  • John McAslan and David Dalzell (John McAslan + Partners): for access to photograph permission (LOCATION 08)
  • Mari Buckley: for information and pics (CAMERA: THE NIKON)
  • Neville Shulman: (LOCATION 08)
  • Paul Canty: another supersleuth
  • Reg Wilkins: for information (LOCATION 08)
  • John Handcock (with thanks to Roger at Thamesweb): for a priceless pic (LOCATION 25)
  • Simon James (Reelstreets): for essential help and advice
  • Tiffany Ogden (Tiffany Ogden Designs): for priceless pics, access to photograph permission, and rallying round the neighbours (LOCATION 09)
  • Tony Reeves (The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations): for essential help and advice


  • El Blason Restaurant & Tapas Bar: for access to photograph permission [and an exquisite meal on 22 July 2010] (LOCATION 20) - unfortunately now closed
  • Britmovie British Film Forums: for 'life, the universe, and everything'
  • IMDb (Internet Movie Database): for film and contact information (via IMDbPro)
  • IMCDb (Internet Movie Car Database): for vehicles in film information
  • Modculture Forums: (LOCATION 25)
  • Slough Observer Forums: (LOCATION 25)
  • Thamesweb: (LOCATION 25)
  • WeLoveCushions: (LOCATION 08) You can actually buy the three cushions featured in the filming at this location: 3Chevron, and Sunburst. Enter BLOWUP as your Discount Coupon Code at checkout to receive a 10% discount. [Discount still available as at 27/10/11]
  • WeLoveWoolwich: (LOCATIONS 01, 11 & 12)

These websites are my go-tos when I want instant information relating to property images and mapping: