08 November 2006: Fuji Finepix F10
19 December 2008: Nikon D40 (INTERNAL SHOTS!)
14 September 2009: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 (Chris Green)
14 September 2009: Panasonic Lumix G1
24 September 2009: Panasonic Lumix G1
15 April 2010: Panasonic Lumix LX3
23 July 2010: Panasonic Lumix LX3
06 October 2011: Sony SLT-A55

After long-term tenants John McAslan + Partners (architects) vacated this property in late December 2008* it was then completely refurbished. It was finally let as office space just prior to my visit of 23 July 2010.
The owner has been adamant about not giving anyone access to view or photograph the property for some time.
As I would like to continue very delicate negotiations with him for this purpose, I would be very grateful if no-one else tries to obtain permission until further notice.
If/when I am allowed access I will try to publish here as much material as the owner will permit.
Please do not attempt to gain access to the property without the owner's permission.

* I was extremely privileged to be invited to take photographs by John McAslan at the time his company were winding down their operations at Princes Place (19 December 2008). Although the time allowed was brief, I am extremely grateful to John and his staff for the opportunity (especially David Dalzell who made all the arrangements), and for their patience during my visit.

©2008 Ian S. Bolton
1. Mezanine floor in background; roof detailing above.

©2009 Chris Green
1. After vacation; before renovation. Note red 'BLOW-UP' poster and black & white still on the right hand wall (actually a filled-in doorway that was open back in 1966). I think that these are two of the images I supplied to McAslan's for their open day in September 2008. This was the reception area during filming in 1966, viewed from what was the entrance door (now a window).
1a. Reverse view during filming. What was the entrance door (right). What was a doorway (behind door, left) has been filled in. The curve at the top right of this doorway matches the curve of the filled in doorway in image 1 (above).
©2009 Chris Green
2. More black and white Blowup images on left-hand wall (which is the other side of the wall featured in image 1 above). Again, images supplied by me for their open day in September 2008.
2a. Almost the same view during filming.