BLOWUP THEN AND NOW as a website project was first inspired by several popular film location and information websites:

Between them they re-ignited my interest in identifying and photographing the NOW views of the THEN scenes from the film, which I had forgotten about prior to the emergence of the internet.

 The film had always been in the back of my mind, but when I kept being reminded of it as it cropped up on the websites listed above (I was doing research on other films at the time) I decided I wanted to do something about it.

 Initially it was wanting to submit images and/or information to those sites (which I did), but, over time, I found I got more involved with the film as a personal project. I wanted to do something my own way that was substantial and quite unique - a complete pictorial 'then and now' study of the whole film.

 What you see here is the result of years of research, both online and off. Ongoing are the many trips to the locations in London for research and photography from my home in the West Midlands.

 I hope you gain as much enjoyment from viewing this site as I have in researching, locating and compiling all the images and information.

 Ian S. Bolton: June 2003/April 2015


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