Dr Richard Pountney (Chair)

Principal Lecturer in Education, Sheffield Hallam University

Richard is the Teaching Fellow for Curriculum and Professional Development in the faculty of Development and Society. His role is to support the development of learning and teaching in his faculty and specifically to work with course teams to plan their courses, make changes to the curriculum, address their own professional development and (increasingly) respond to the national and institutional drivers for change in Higher Education.

Richard is our Link Governor to the Academic community and will help drive the CPD of Trust staff and academically validate its practice and pedagogy.

Appointed 2nd January 2013 - reviewed annually in the December AGM

Steven Mundin

Senior Manager, Higher Rhythm Ltd

Steve is an experienced, motivated and dynamic leader who after starting his first business in the professional music industry, later progressed into teaching in Higher Education, then established the sector leading, regional social enterprise, Higher Rhythm, in 2001.

Steve has led and built partnerships with a wide range of bodies, from S.M.E.’s to multi-national organisations and government bodies, and has an expert knowledge of social enterprise and the creative / cultural / digital industries. Steve has also achieved many awards personally and for Higher Rhythm, most notably:

  • Doncaster Business Person of the Year
  • BETT Award, UK winner of BECTA ICT in Practice
  • Doncaster Social Enterprise of the Year

Appointed 2nd January 2013 - reviewed annually in the December AGM

Rachel Horne

Founder, Doncopolitan

Rachel is a local artist and founder of Doncopolitan, the magazine that aims to provide an independent voice for Doncaster. Doncopolitan celebrates Doncaster’s culture, arts, style, music, people, fashion, lifestyle, architecture and even its coal-black underbelly.

Rachel has been instrumental in connecting our school to the local community, providing authentic opportunities for our students to express themselves in the world outside the classroom.

Appointed 25th October 2016 - reviewed annually in the December AGM

Doncaster Rotary, represented by Yvonne Mayer

Yvonne has been a member of the Rotary Club since 2002. Initially she was a member in Haslemere Rotary Club where she undertook various roles including attendance officer, speakers secretary and then secretary of the Club. Yvonne was President in the Rotary year 2013-2014. In 2015 she moved to Doncaster and became a member here.

Professionally, Yvonne’s background was in family law but when she qualified as an accredited family mediator with Surrey Family Mediation Service, she worked full time in this role. Contemporaneously, she was employed as the supervisor for Sussex Mediation Service and taught law to new mediators for National Family Mediation. Later, she qualified as a civil and commercial mediator and latterly obtained a legal aid franchise and ran her own mediation company for several years.

Yvonne’s driving force has been to help parents and children resolve issues where there has been a breakdown in relationships. To assist in facilitating this, she was qualified to consult with children

Yvonne retired when she was 65 years old.

Appointed 31st October 2018 - reviewed annually in the December AGM

Michael Wilkinson

UK Managing Director, ClickView

ClickView is a video based teaching and learning company and world leading content publisher, working with over 4000 schools and colleges around the world to revolutionise how video can be utilised to increase student engagement and boost student outcomes.

In 2006, Michael founded i-education, best known as creators of the pioneering games based learning company ‘I am learning’. In the 6 years of running the company, I am learning provided engaging learning and assessment to over 12,000 schools around the world.

In 2012, Frog Education acquired i-education and Michael became Deputy Managing Director with commercial responsibility of the multi-award winning global educational technology company, transforming learning on a system wide level for over 12 million users across 24 countries.

Michael was President of Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, having served as a board member since 2014. He is a keen supporter of bridging the gap between business, education and the arts. He is is also a member of the newly formed Multi Academy Trust ‘Brighter Futures’, which is leading Doncaster’s new University Technical College.

Appointed 18th December 2019 - reviewed annually in the December AGM