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About our Trust

XP SCHOOL TRUST LTD is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) consisting of:

Strategic Vision - Our Design Principles

The Trust’s strategic vision is to create and effectively manage schools which are based on our Design Principles:

"At XP, we build our community through activism, leadership and equity, sharing our stories as we go..."

Our design principles connect our governance, staff and students by aligning our executive practice through these five principles:

Governance Structure

The governance structure of XP Trust is a simple hierarchy:

All governance is focused on active and purposeful engagement of stakeholders to ensure each school is continually proving and improving their practice.

School voice is enabled through open school representation at DLCs and their Local Community Groups

Growth of the Trust

XP Trust believes that our children deserve a three dimensional education focused on Academic Performance, Character Growth and Beautiful Work. We would like to see this offered to as many families as want it, and there are a number of ways this is being achieved. We allow our Trust to grow organically and purposefully. We consider our capacity, capability and motivation to work with others, which includes location, cultural alignment and leadership availability.

Conferences, Workshops, Visits and Publications

Our practices are being disseminated through our work with others by facilitating conferences, workshops and school visits. When we can share our work easily through digital distribution, we will freely do so. We also have published work available through our XP Trust shop.

Creating new schools

We create new schools when opportunities arise to build them around a strong foundation of existing leadership. Schools within our Trust will only be named 'XP' if we have created them ourselves.

Existing schools joining our Trust

We consider other schools who ask to join our Trust and we promote our Trust in areas where we have leadership capacity.

Working with other MATs

We consider working with other MATs that are culturally aligned with us. 

Working with other organisations

Partnership with other organisations allows us to amplify our practices. We currently have a strong partnership with the Edge Foundation amongst others.


XP Trust would like to acknowledge the continuing informal support and challenge provided to us by EL Education. Their continuing example, mentorship, publications and above all, friendship is instrumental to our success.

We would also like to acknowledge the influence of High Tech High schools which set us out on our journey in 2012.