A current Medication Authorization form is required to accompany any medication (other than an Epinephrine auto injector already covered by an emergency action plan). A separate form is required for each medication to be kept in the health office.

A blank form can be found here:

My suggestion would be for the parents/guardians to fill out the student's information (name, birthday, address, phone number, parent email) then sign and date the bottom of the form before bringing it to your doctor. Once the doctor fills out the form, they can either return it to you or fax it directly to me at 847-251-4086 Attn: Andrea Zito

The health office does not have over the counter medication that can be administered to children. Any medications that you want to be administered at school must be provided by the parents or guardians and must have the medical authorization form completed by you and the doctor.

Parents are welcome to come to school to administer medications themselves if a student requires medication during the school day for an acute issue (ex. currently on antibiotics that need to be administered three times a day, pain medication for a newly fractured body part) but only medications that are medically necessary should be given during the school day.

If a student has a cough, they can have cough drops but must come to the health office to have them and we must have a note from the parent authorizing this. The student must stay in the health office until the cough drop is gone.