Career Cruising is an online program that allows students to explore and research career possibilities and develop plans to obtain their future pursuits. Students can login to their account and access the program through the website

Students' login password is last name, full first name (no spaces) and password is their lunch ID number. If you are having a hard time logging in, check in with your counselor!


The Allegan County Area Technical Education Center (ACATEC) is a great resource for our students as it focuses on job skill training, early college credit, state and national industry certification and leadership and employability skill training. ACATEC offers 20 programs that provide students with the opportunities to gain the skills needed to move into a competitive job market and post-secondary training and education.

More information on ACATEC can be found at their website:

You can find a list of the programs they offer here.


An apprenticeship is a program that trains a worker to become skilled in a particular trade. Apprentices are taught by experts in their field and earning pay while they are gaining the knowledge and skills of that job. Apprenticeship opportunities can be found through the website

Additional information on apprenticeships and job opportunities can be found through the United States Department of Labor, website

Many local community colleges also offer job training opportunities. Click on any of the links below to find out more information on the programs they have to offer.

Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC

Kalamazoo Community College

Kellogg Community College