Dual Enrollment

WHS offers a Dual Enrollment program with Middlesex Community College which affords students an opportunity to experience the college environment while continuing to be enrolled in high school.

As a Dual Enrollment student, any eligible senior can attend classes at MCC while retaining status as a WHS student. Although this program may not be appropriate for all students, many students have developed maturity to assume the challenges of a college program before receiving a WHS diploma.

Some of the benefits to Dual Enrollment include being able to:

  • Attain college credits that can be applied after graduation from high school
  • Complete general education courses that can be counted toward high school and college graduation requirements
  • Assess collegiate aptitude
  • Reduce college costs

Students interested in this opportunity must meet the following criteria to be considered for participation in this program:

  • Students must have a WHS 3.0 grade point average to be eligible.
  • Courses must count toward a WHS graduation requirement.
  • Students must have completed at least 100 credits at WHS before enrolling at MCC.
  • Grade 12 Community Service requirement must be fulfilled before August 1 (or during the summer before entering MCC).
  • Students must complete and file a “WHS Application for Dual Enrollment” with their counselor.
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 15 college credits each semester (the equivalent of 3 5- credit courses) or 30 credits for the year (the equivalent of 6 3-credit courses) during the senior year. Each 3 credit course at MCC will equate to a 5 credit course at WHS. (This condition fulfills the WHS requirement that seniors will enroll in and pass a minimum of 25 credits in Grade 12.)
  • In order to complete the WHS Grade 12 Health Dynamics requirement, student must log 50 hours of physical activity at a gym or in an organized class (i.e. dance, yoga, etc.). The log must be signed by the gym management/class teacher and hours must be verifiable by WHS administration.
  • Students must take and pass the ACCUPLACER exam at MCC. All three tests: Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Mathematics, must be completed for admission.
  • All course work must be “College Level” or a minimum of “100” level. Courses deemed “Developmental” or below “100” level will not count as dual enrollment.
  • Interested students must attend a Dual Enrollment Information event at MCC. DUAL ENROLLMENT WHS Program of Studies 2017-2018 11
  • Student and student’s parent must meet with student’s WHS counselor prior to applying for Dual Enrolment.
  • Approval by Administration for Dual Enrollment As an alternative to a full MCC Dual Enrollment program, a senior may opt to take one or two classes in the evenings or on Saturdays. These courses will be considered as “enrichment” and will not be added to the WHS transcript. Students are responsible for all expenses including tuition, fees, and book charges incurred at MCC for the Dual Enrollment program. RESPONSIBILITIES It is the responsibility of the dual enrollment student to:
  • Complete all courses with a passing grade.
  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average in MCC courses in order to remain in the Dual Enrollment program. Any student removed from the program must return to WHS. However, completing the senior year on schedule is not guaranteed.
  • Mandatory monthly meetings with the student’s WHS counselor.
  • Attend Senior Seminar in the fall of Senior Year.
  • Send all MCC transcripts to prospective colleges.
  • Seek any required disability services and accommodations (504 and IEP accommodations from WHS are not applicable at MCC). All requests for accommodations will be assessed through a separate process by the MCC Disability Support Services Department.

Please note: Although any coursework completed at MCC will be added to the WHS transcript and designated “MCC- Dual Enrollment”, grade value and weighting will not be added to the student’s WHS grade point average. Class rank will be calculated at the final quarter of Grade 11. Any student who is interested in exploring the Dual Enrollment option should discuss eligibility for the program with his/her school counselor.