In order to participate in a Division I or II sport on the collegiate level or be the recipient of an athletic scholarship from a Division I or II college, the NCAA must determine a student's eligibility. In order for this to happen, a student must register with the NCAA Eligibity Center, which will review a student's high school transcript and standardized test scores to make a determination about the student's ability to participate in college level athletics.

A few important things to remember when registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center:

• When taking the SAT's and ACT's, student-athletes must send their scores directly to the Eligibility Center. The code is 9999.

• Student-athletes should check the NCAA website for specific regulations regarding Division I and Division II athletes. The requirements are not the same for both.

• Registering with the Eligibility Center has a fee that needs to be paid at registration.

• Once a student registers, he/she must also request a transcript to be sent to the NCAA. Transcripts can be requested via Naviance. The student will also need request a final transcript to be sent to the college that he/she attends. This should be done once a deposit to the college is made and can be requested via Naviance.

To find out everything you need to know about NCAA requirements, be sure to visit the Eligibility Center website.