New Student Registration

Welcome to Wilmington High School! To expedite the registration process, please be sure to complete each of the following steps:

  1. Download our New Student registration forms here and fill out the packet completely.
  2. Contact our office to set up an intake appointment.
  3. When you come in to meet with your counselor, be sure to bring the completed registration forms, proof of identification and residency, and the following information from the sending school:
    1. Official transcripts
    2. Grades at time of exit from previous school (if transferring mid-year)
    3. Health Records including immunization history
    4. Attendance and discipline reports from the sending school
    5. Copies of your most recent IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)
    6. Most recent MCAS scores (if applicable)

By taking the time to meet all of the guidelines above, we are able to serve you more efficiently and place students in the most appropriate classes according to their academic history. We strive to make your transition into Wilmington High School as smooth as possible and appreciate your attention to these steps.