Welcome back, Sophomores!

Each year students participate in a guidance seminar. The focus of the sophomore curriculum is that of career exploration. It is not too early to start thinking about your future! As third quarter beings, counselors will be meeting with you to use various career assessments within Naviance. The information generated from the assessments will be helpful as you develop plans for the courses you wish to take as a junior.

You can also use the information gathered from the career counseling seminar activities to explore your options. Thinking about entering the health field? Do your volunteer hours at a local hospital! Considering education as a possible career choice? Work as a tutor, baby sit, or find an after school program that needs some extra help to gain experience working with children. The opportunities are out there, if you look for them!

Here are a few tips for making the most of your sophomore year:

  • Work hard academically! Maintaining consistent grades and a challenging program of study will help maximize your post-secondary options.
  • Parents, monitor your student’s progress! If your student is struggling academically or has received a poor interim report in a particular class, we encourage you to contact the teacher directly via phone or email to discuss your concerns. If your student is struggling in multiple areas across the curriculum, contact your student’s counselor to set up a meeting.
  • Get involved! Whether you are passionate about the arts, athletics, government, or a combination of all of the above, find activities in school and out in the community that you will enjoy committing your time and effort to. This will allow you to make valuable connections with your peers and advisors, explore your interests, and continue to develop your talents in a given area.
  • Consider the PSAT! We encourage any sophomore who has taken Honors level Math courses in your Freshman and Sophomore years to take advantage of the PSAT in the fall.