Academic Success

Student success is one of our top priorities! Here are some recommendations on how you can maximize your potential as a WHS student:

Come to school every day and come on time!

    • Successful students are students who are here, listening to what teachers present, and asking relevant questions. Absences and tardies prevent students from receiving instruction and could impact their grade and performance in classes.

Do your homework EVERY night!

    • Homework reinforces what you are learning in class. By completing your assignments you will be ready to participate in class discussions, ask questions about concepts that confuse you, and help you to be more prepared for tests and quizzes.

Manage your time effectively!

    • Consider your responsibilities at home, commitments to activities, sports or employment, and your personal needs and then plan accordingly! Do your best not to procrastinate with assignments and set aside a reasonable amount of time each day to get your work done.
    • Do your best to find time to complete assignments when you have the most energy so you can put solid effort into the work and benefit from the reinforcement of concepts you learned earlier that day. Waiting until late at night when you are tired is probably not the best strategy!

Find an organization system that works for you, and use it!

    • Use an assignment notebook or an app such as iStudiez to keep track of assignments, dates, and other important commitments.
    • Have a separate notebook and folder for each class.
    • Make sure you hold on to notes and pertinent information from each unit to help you prepare for midyear and final exams.

Utilize (one or more!) of the many support opportunities at WHS if you need extra help or start to fall behind!