Program of Studies

The Wilmington High School Program of Studies provides a comprehensive overview of the courses and educational opportunities that are currently offered at our school. We hope you will reference this document to obtain information about class offerings, prerequisites, and the course selection process. The Program is an excellent first stop for addressing any questions you may have as you map out your high school curriculum.

The process for selecting courses for the upcoming school year is done through Aspen in late February/early March. Your child's current teachers will make recommendations in the Aspen portal for the following year's course in each subject area. There will typically be a two week time frame when Aspen will be open for students and parents to view and accept these recommendations as well as to input any additional electives they would like to take. Any questions or concerns about a recommendation should be directed to the CURRENT teacher.

School counselors will meet individually with every student to review their course selections for the upcoming school year. These meetings will take place from mid-March until the commencement of April break. Students will have the opportunity to make any changes to core and elective classes during this time frame. After April vacation, requests for changes of any kind will not be honored. We encourage all students to think carefully about their course selections.

The spring course selection meetings will also provide an opportunity for students to talk to their counselors about their future plans, discuss graduation requirements, and review results from surveys such as the "Do What You Are" that were completed in guidance seminars earlier that year. We look forward to these individualized meetings as an opportunity to get to know each of you on a more personal basis!

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