Welcome to the WHS School Counseling Department!

Welcome to the Wilmington High School School Counseling Department!

The goal of the School Counseling Team is to assist our students in making academic, personal, and career decisions that will allow them to reach their full potential. Every student is unique and as counselors it is our job to:

  • help our students recognize their individual strengths and talents

  • work with students, teachers and families to plan an appropriate program of study that will allow the student to challenge his or herself to the best of their ability and explore their individual interests

  • assist our students in finding post-secondary opportunities that will help them reach their goals and become productive members of our society

We also seek to assist our students with the daily challenges they face as adolescents. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with their counselor to discuss any concerns they may have, whether they are of an academic or personal nature.

The School Counseling Team is a resource for parents as well. Our goal as counselors is to work with you as you navigate your child's educational journey throughout the high school years. It is our hope that you find our office “user friendly” and a pleasant place to visit.