Wedding Websites

Building a Wedding Website

  While not all couples will need to build a wedding website, most will choose to. A wedding website is a great way to get lots of information to your guests without having to overload them with phone calls or spend lots of money on postage! Get your website up before you send your save the dates so your guests have a resource they can use.

  There are a number of free and for-a-fee wedding website options out there that allow you varying degrees of customization; at the very least you will want your website to have your name, a picture of you and the date and time of the wedding. Remember, however, that the website isn’t for you it’s for your guests. Bear this in mind as you work on building your website and put yourself in the mind of your guests as you work on the layout. Include information such as special hotel rates, any special clothing requirements, or babysitter information if children are not allowed at the reception or ceremony. 

  If you are having special events before the wedding, the wedding website is the best way to announce them. You can also link to sightseeing spots and other activities for out-of-town guests that they may want to investigate while they are visiting. Noting transportation to events is also important and the website a great way to let others know when or if you’ll be providing transportation to an event. 

  You can also set up online RSVP’s, a guest-book for invitees to sign, and a number of other fun pages. You can link your registries so that guests have easy, one-click access; be wary, however, don’t have your registries sitting on the main page. Make them their own page for guests to click on when they want registry information. 

  Lastly, though the only information you’re really required to provide is your name and a picture of yourself, consider giving your guests a little backstory on how you met. Recount your proposal and type up a brief bio of each of you so that friends and family on both sides can get to know you both. Add some pictures such as engagement photos or candid vacation type shots! Let your wedding website reflect who you are as a couple now and who you hope to be as a couple in the future!