One Week Before Your Wedding

One Week before Your Wedding

  You’ve reached the crunch period and your wedding is happening in just a few days. It’s a time of excitement but also one of stress. Take a few deep breaths and stay calm. During this week you’ll want to take the following steps to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly:

  Delegate tasks for the wedding day

  Check-in with your vendors

  Write final checks and prepare tips

  Pack for your honeymoon

  Build an emergency kit

  One of the biggest problems brides have when it comes to their wedding is delegating tasks for the wedding day. It’s all too easy to want to micromanage it all so that everything comes out perfectly. Resist the temptation. Set up certain people with tasks that you have delegated in order to ensure your day goes smoothly while allowing you to relax and just enjoy being the bride. 

  1. Appoint someone to look after the guest book and return it to your maid/matron of honor, parent or best man so that you can get it when you return from your honeymoon.


  2.  Let your best man do his duties. He can manage the ushers and make sure everything is ready to go while your maid/matron of honor helps you get ready. 


  3. If you hired a wedding planner, let them handle the vendors. If you didn’t hire a wedding planner, pick someone to help answer vendor questions if they arise. Ushers are great at these sorts of tasks! 


  4. Let your family handle the small tasks like making sure your favors are set out, that confetti is ready to be passed out and things like that!


  Remember, mistakes will happen and accidents will occur but that’s okay. Look at them as happenstance and don’t let them ruin your big day. Your guests won’t know a thing is wrong as long as you maintain a happy, joyful outlook on your big day!


  Check in with your vendors one last time just to make sure everything is going smoothly and that they’ll be prepared. Don’t be pushy and don’t nag, just give a phone call basically saying you wanted to check and make sure they were ready to go, you’re excited to work with them and make sure you let them know who will be handling their payments (probably your best man) if you haven’t paid already. 


  Make sure you write out final vendor checks and prepare tips for drivers, servers, the band, etc. You’ll want to designate someone in charge of making sure these payments and tips happen. This isn’t something you’ll want to deal with on your wedding day. 


  You’ll also want to take this week to pack for your honeymoon. Make sure you have everything you’ll need ready to go including passports, visas, money, etc. You won’t want to be working on these things the day of your wedding. Take the time to carefully and calmly pull all your things together and even put them in the car ahead of time so you can just get changed and go!