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Below is info related to our Solo & Ensemble events

Accompanist info - S&E pianists

Mrs. Kathy Westrip –  321-775-4200
- Contact Mrs. Westrip to determine her cost and rehearsal schedule

Mrs. Jan Johns - 321-223-4433
- Contact Mrs. Johns to determine her cost and rehearsal schedule

Mrs. Betty Jo Couch – 321-431-8402 or
- Contact Mrs. Couch to determine her cost and rehearsal schedule

Mrs. Avey – 321-412-6280
- Contact Mrs. Avey to determine her cost and rehearsal schedule 

Orchestra S&E - Saturday, November 5, 2022

All orchestra students will participate in a "Solo & Ensemble Project" that will give them the opportunity to perform solos & small ensemble music. Students will either choose their own literature (sheet music) to perform or they will be assigned something to prepare by the directors (Ms. Dix, Mr. Eggen, & Mr. Morgan).

Students will be given access to the Viera HS S&E library, which includes books of small ensembles (duets, trios, quartets) and solos with piano accompaniment. Some students may study privately and have guidance on what to to perform; the directors will give guidance to all students in our program, no matter their situation.

Orchestra students also have the opportunity to perform at the Florida Orchestra Association Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment. This will be held at Kennedy Middle School on Saturday, November 5, with events being scheduled between the hours of 8am-5pm. While not required to for in-class our S&E Project, it is highly encouraged for those who wish to receive feedback from a highly-qualified string educator/performer. Ratings are assigned as well, with medals awarded to those who earn a "Superior." A "Superior with Distinction" can be awarded to those who perform their music memorized (with NO sheet music). 

Those who choose to register their S&E in order to participate in the S&E MPA event will pay $15 per solo and/or $10 per ensemble member (EX: a duet would cost $20 total). A soloist will most likely need an accompanist (piano player), and that cost would be in addition. A list of local pianists who can be hired to accompany solos can be found here:

Information regarding this project and opportunity will be disseminated in class - please email a director with any questions you might have:

Mr. Eggen - 

Ms. Dix - 

Mr. Morgan - 

2021-2022 Band Solo & Ensemble

Band Solo & Ensemble will be hosted at Viera High School on Friday, February 11 & Saturday, February 12. The event is OPTIONAL. Solos will cost $10 per solo, and ensembles will cost $5 per member of the group. plus the cost of an accompanist (if required). We accept cash or checks to "VHS."

1/20/2022 - PAY COSTS
- Solos are $10 per solo
- Small ensembles are $5 per members (a trio would cost $15)
- Percussion ensembles & Clarinet Choirs do not owe $$$

Volunteer help from students will be required in order to properly host this event. This link will take you to a documents that details some of the volunteers responsibilities:

1/10/2022 - S&E entries: please double-check & make corrections!
Students, please look over this PDF document:
- Email all necessary corrections to
- If an event lists your name and you do not wish to be charged, email us
- Review the names of the students performing in each group - email us any necessary corrections
- If a title of a piece of music is incorrect, email us - titles can be changed up until February 1
- If your solo requires an accompanist, check that the name of the person you have contacted is listed
- If your event is missing completely, please email with all of the relevant info

12/22/2021 - EVENT SIGN-UP IS NOW CLOSED - if you missed your chance to register to perform at S&E, email or to ask a director for assistance; there are no guarantees we can allow you to register, but there may be an opportunity to perform at our April 19 Chamber Music Concert.

Music for this event must be chosen from the Florida Bandmasters Association S&E Music List: 

Band S&E - Friday/Saturday, Feb. 10  & 11, 2023

Solo sign-up link:  - please pay $10 per solo (not including an accompanist, if needed)
Ensemble sign-up link: - please pay $5 per ensemble member

On Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11, Viera HS will host the FBA Solo & Ensemble MPA. This event allows students to perform solos and small ensemble chamber literature for evaluation for trained adjudicators. This includes auxiliary (color guard), percussion, brass, and woodwinds. 

The above links are for students to register their various events. Here are a few basic rules:
- Students may participate in up to four (4) different performances
- A student may perform only one (1) solo on an instrument.
- This means a flutist can perform both a flute solo and a piccolo solo, but NOT 2 solos on flute.
- See below for a longer list of various Exceptions & Directions - see a director for any clarification and explanations. 

Please email a director with any questions you might have:

Mr. Eggen -
Ms. Dix - 

Exceptions and Directions:

*When playing music from another category, the director must change the category of the entry in MPA Online. For example, if a Trombone is playing a piece from the Euphonium Solo list, after you enter it in MPA Online it will think it's a Euphonium solo so you must manually change the "Category" to "Trombone Solo."  Or, if you are doubling parts of a quartet, quintet, or sextet to make it a choir, you must change the category of the MPA Online entry to the appropriate type of choir. 

Solo & Ensemble - hosted at Viera High School 2/10 & 2/11

Viera Brass/WW/Percussion student schedule:

Viera HS Map:

Auxiliary/Color Guard Event Schedule:   

Welcome to the District 10 Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment hosted by Viera High School!

Please do not contact the VHS band directors with questions regarding your performance time, accompanist, music, or any other matter. Please contact your own band director with such questions.

VHS DOES NOT HAVE A COPY MACHINE AVAILABLE FOR USE DURING THE FESTIVAL. Your judge needs the original piece of music! This could include music purchased & printed from an online source, but you may need to show proof of purchase. 

Directions and Parking Instructions are linked at the bottom of this page. A campus map will be available on site.

There will be NO CONCESSIONS. A few vending machines are available on campus with energy drinks & water. 

Please note: because the festival does not start until 5:00pm , it is recommended that you do not arrive on campus prior to 3:45pm. No guests will be permitted on campus before 3:30pm, and the parking lot is very difficult to enter between 2:15pm and 2:45pm. (see maps).

You need to know the name of your judge in order to find your performance room on the VHS Campus. YOUR BAND DIRECTOR WILL HAVE THIS INFORMATION. An information table will be available as well.

We look forward to having you on our campus!

Directions to Viera High School: 

Viera High School will be providing the following percussion equipment:

Ensemble Room 1 (Band Room 6-127, Fraley)
4 Timpani (shared between Band & Chorus rooms)
3 Marimba
1 Xylophone
1 Bells
2 Vibes
Bass Drum
Piano (Baldwin Baby Grand)

Room 2 (Chorus Room 6-126, Moser)
4 Timpani (shared between Band & Chorus rooms)
1 Marimba
1 Vibe
Piano (Electric)

Room 3 (Theatre Room 6-125 , Morales)
4 Timpani
1 Vibe
1 Marimba
Piano (Drama Baby Grand)

Room 4 (JROTC 3-108a, Johnson)
1 Marimba
1 Vibe
Piano (Drama Baby Grand)

Brass Choir/Jazz Combo Room (Media Center, Dougherty/Oser)
Digital Piano
Bass Amp
Guitar/Keyboard Amp
If there is a need for Chimes, Bass Drum, Timpani, etc. please reach out to