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Students of all kinds are welcomed and encouraged to join our Instrumental Music Program!

Welcome rising freshmen!

The staff and students of the VHS Instrumental Music Program are already preparing for the next exciting school year! With state-of-the-art facilities, instruments, and equipment paired with quality instruction from a talented, POSITIVE team of professionals, you will feel at home at VHS! The program is already known for its comprehensive approach to music education and its high-quality performances that are rehearsed in a fun, social, and musically rewarding atmosphere. The VHS Instrumental Music Program is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the county! We hope this website proves useful to you as you prepare to enter Viera High School. Please browse this site and let us know if you have any questions.

To graduate from high school in Florida, 2022-2023 freshmen are required to take one fine arts credit while in high school. If you already are in band or orchestra, it makes sense to continue with music in ninth grade. It is difficult to put your instrument down for a year and pick it back up again in 10th or 11th grade (a junior playing at a freshmen level!) so all fine arts teachers in all area high schools will strongly encourage students to continue with their middle school fine arts courses in ninth grade.

Viera High School will continue a 7-period day in the 2022-2023 school year. The VHS instrumental music department will offer beginning band, beginning orchestra, three levels of band, two levels of orchestra, three levels of jazz band, a percussion class, and an Advanced Placement Music Theory class. The jazz band classes are only open to students who are already in another concert band or orchestra class, with some exceptions made for those in unique situations. Only string students may take orchestra.

The Advanced Placement music theory course is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who already have a strong background in music reading. The course involves a rigorous curriculum in the area of music theory, ear training, and sight-singing. Our chorus teacher, Kevin Albright ( teaches the course.

All students may audition for placement within the program. Auditions will take place during the month of May for all VHS feeder schools, using Google Classroom for audition video submission - if your BPS student does not have access to the "Rising Freshmen" Google Classroom, please contact a director. Students not in a VHS feeder school (private/charter schools and students moving in from out of town) should contact the VHS directors to schedule an audition. Everyone in a middle school feeder program 'makes' an ensemble! Students interested in jazz band should inform a director through email to help work out adding the course to their schedule.

A registration day will occur in late May for all Rising Freshmen so they can turn in paperwork, pay fees and costs associated with the program, and allow students in need of renting large school-owned instruments to have an instrument for summer practice. Details are on the Band calendar.

Percussion & Guard will meet at regular intervals during the summer; communicate with our two instructors directly to confirm details:

The bands classes, percussion class, and color guard members will come together after-school in the fall to form the Marching Hawks. Marching Band is required for all band students. This policy is standard at most high schools in the county, although each school treats marching band differently. Marching Band only rehearses through the first week of November!

As one of the largest student organization at VHS, the marching band is the best place for newcomers to VHS to make new friends. The marching band curriculum embraces the social nature of the activity to give students a chance to perform challenging literature while having a great time.

The Marching Band begins rehearsals at the annual Band Camp about two weeks before school starts. The Band Camp is mandatory for all band students, so make plans to attend! Regular rehearsals take place once school starts on Tuesday's and Thursday's after-school at VHS. The Marching Band will perform at all home football games and most away games - most or all of which take place on Friday evenings. The band camp dates and performance dates will be posted on the calendar page by January.

All ninth graders are required to take the semester long Career Research and Decision Making course, paired with the semester long critical thinking course. We recommend students take the Career Course through the Florida Virtual School (online). This option will free-up your schedule and allow you to take all core classes, music, and 2 additional electives! This is especially important for students in two music classes (i.e. band and jazz band) or students who need remedial courses in math or English. The course is only one semester long and you can choose either the Summer, Fall, or Spring semester.

The Directors will be more than happy to sit down with any student who is zoned for VHS who would like to discuss their options within the Viera HS Instrumental Music Program. The directors will assist the student and parents with creating a four-year instrumental music schedule for students interested in advancing in music, enriching their lives with music, or pursuing a career in music.


When is Marching Band Camp?

Current Band Camp dates and times for Brass/Woodwinds, Guard and Percussion can be found under the Announcements page.

Who must attend Band Camp?

Band Camp is mandatory for all band students.

Where do students eat on the full day rehearsals?

Students may bring their own dinner to band camp and eat in the outdoor cafeteria. Students may leave campus with a form signed by their parents. Forms will be available at band registration day in late May.

When does the Marching Band rehearse?

  • Brass & Woodwinds: Tuesday (3:30-5:00pm) & Thursday (3:30-6:30pm)

  • Color Guard: Wednesday (5:30-7:30pm) & Thursday (3:30-6:30pm)

  • Percussion: Wednesday (5:60-8:30pm) & Thursday (3:30-6:30pm)

When does Marching Band perform?

Friday night football games. Please do not plan weekend trips in August - November. Marching Band also performs at the annual FBA Marching Music Performance Assessment - tentatively scheduled for late October and 1 or 2 competitions on Saturdays in October/November. We regularly perform at the "Light-Up Viera Parade" in late November as well.

Who performs in Marching Band?

Mandatory for all band students as part of the Brevard County Schools Secondary Band curriculum.

When does Marching Band end?

Regular rehearsals will end with the performance at the FBA Marching Music Performance Assessment - tentatively scheduled for late October. Football games may continue after this time, but the band does not usually rehearse as much.

Is Marching Band graded?

Yes - Marching Band is part of the students regular classroom grade in band.

I don't play a traditional marching band instrument. What do I do?

You have many options. Most double-reed players elect to learn another woodwind instrument for marching season. Some choose to play in the percussion section or spin a flag in color guard. Please contact the directors to discuss your options.

I want to practice this summer - When do I get my marching band instrument?

We will assign you an instrument at registration on 6/4 or at band camp in late July.

Are there auditions for Marching Band?

Since all band students are in marching band, there are no auditions to 'make' marching band. However, some sections will audition for placement within the band. Also, all students will audition for placement within the concert band classes. These auditions will take place while students are in middle school before school lets out for the summer. Keep an eye on this website for exact audition dates at your school. New students to VHS not from a VHS feeder should contact the directors to schedule an audition.

Can I play in sports and still be in Band?

YES. NONE of the fall sports, with the exception of VARSITY football, have games on Friday nights. Therefore, students in fall sports are still required to be in marching band. It is standard procedure to work out a special rehearsal schedule with fall sports students. Varsity football players should speak with the director to work out a specific schedule.

Are there fees associated with Marching Band?

Yes - each year, all band students must purchase a band shirt and pay a uniform dry-cleaning fee. New students will also have to purchase a black tuxedo shirt, marching shoes and gloves. Payment plans are available as no student will ever be excluded from a mandatory activity for monetary reasons. The fees are very low compared to other schools and will be announced later in the year. All other money needed to fund our program come from the district and our fundraisers. There is no band camp fee.