US Founders Charities

The US Founders Charities was established in 1988 with its primary objective being that of service through charitable and educational avenues. It is a non-profit, publicly supported organization funded through voluntary contributions from individuals and corporations who support its programs. Through these programs, the Charities hope to bring about civic betterment and social improvement. It also promotes the goals and objectives of the United States Women of Today.


The Charities educate our members, as well as other individuals and organizations about the Women of Today organization though the use of mailings, Annual Reports, brochures, manuals, speakers, and word of mouth.

2021-2023 Officers

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  • Pledge Form - any individual, chapter or state that donates $100 in a fiscal year can become a member of the Founder's Charities. The first 100 members will be known as Charter Members. The $100 donations remain in a savings account, where the principal remains intact; only the interest earned from this account may be used.

  • Friends of the Charities- any individual, chapter or state donating an amount other than $100.

  • National Meeting Auctions - Silent Auctions and/or Lucky Buck Auctions are held at all national meetings. These funds are earmarked for a specific area such as speaker funds, chapter-grant funds, etc. Anyone can bid on the items.

  • Emphasis Month - during the month of September, members are educated about the Charities through mailings. During the month of March, members are encouraged to make donations to the Charities

  • Grants - funds that are usually solicited from companies are requested for specific programs or areas.


  • Funds Request - Assists with training, education and speaker expenses at national meetings; Sponsors the printing of chapter mailings, manuals and brochures; Promotes strong public relations campaigns for chapters and states.

  • Chapter Grants - a program whereby a chapter can apply for a grant ($500 or less) for a worthwhile project; the chapter must have a minimum donation of $100 to the Charities prior to application.

  • Annual Scholarships - awarded to members and their families for furthering education.

  • Extension Funding - Extensions Director may receive up to $30.00 per newly extended chapter and/or state.

Emphasis Months:

  • September

  • March