Programming Resources

Online Forms

We have been working hard to get all of our forms as online submissions. The name of the form will link to the online submission, while the PDF link will open a printable version of the form. Online submission forms will be sent directly to the appropriate recipients, as well as sending you a copy in your email inbox. Please be advised that some PDF documents can not be changed; for example: manuals are in PDF format. Other documents may have been transferred over to Google Docs. Click on item you want to download. If the document is not in PDF, along the top there will be a formatting menu; click on 'File', go to 'Download' and choose your option.

Programming Vice President

Domestic Violence Awareness

Wellness & Personal Development

New programming area starting the 2020-2021 Women of Today Year. It replaces Health & Wellness and PD/STEP programming areas. STEP has moved under the USWT Membership Vice President; see Membership Resources for the STEP information.

Project Report Library

The Project Report Library was designed as a way for our member organizations to share ideas for projects, events, fundraising, etc. Submitting a one-page report on projects that are outstanding can help others, who are often looking for new ideas to keep their members energized. Project Report forms should be completed by the Project Chairperson and submitted to the USWT Programming Vice President with copy to be kept by the submitter's organization.

Below are the events that have so far been submitted. Please use the Project Report Form to submit your event today!

Internal Projects

includes membership drives, socials, awards, public relations, personal enrichment, etc.

Ways & Means Projects

monies raised to operate a local or state organization, where monies go to a general fund

Community Involvement (Fundraising)

monies raised for another organization or specific community service project

Community Involvement (Non-Fundraising)

projects fun within the community for betterment or education

Chapter Publications

includes Plan of Action, newsletters, membership handbooks, etc.