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Online Forms

We have been working hard to get all of our forms as online submissions. The name of the form will link to the online submission, while the PDF link will open a printable version of the form. Online submission forms will be sent directly to the appropriate recipients, as well as sending you a copy in your email inbox. Please be advised that some printable documents can not be changed; for example: manuals are in PDF format. Other documents may have been transferred over to Google Docs. Click on item you want to download. If the document is not in PDF, along the top there will be a formatting menu; click on 'File', go to 'Download' and choose your option.

  • USWT Book of Forms (complete set of all forms) - PDF

  • USWT Training Packet (All Chapter Mailing) - PDF


Officer Forms

Chairman of the Board


  • Secretary Manual - PDF

  • How to be the Best Secretary - PDF

  • How to be the Best Newsletter Editor - PDF

  • How Does Your Newsletter Rate? - PDF

  • Motion Slip - PDF


Important Links

  • 990-N Instructions

  • Form 990-N is the annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations

  • 1024A Information to reinstate revoked not-for-profit status or apply for new not-for-profit status

  • Form 1024A is an application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(4)


US Foundation Charities Forms