About US Women of Today

2024-2025 USWT Board

The US Women of Today Board of Directors was elected at the USWT National Convention held in Des Moines, Iowa (June 7-8, 2024). Officers include: President Jane Hanson (MN), MVP Shellie Matthes (MN), PVP Lisa Hahn (MN), Secretary Mary Hansen (MN), Treasurer Bonnie Waller (MN), PR Cindy Golbuff (MN), WPD Shellie Haun (NE), Parliamentarian Michelle McGowan (MN), Extensions Director Jenise Teske (MN), DVA Dawn Nissen (IA), PA Nicky Anderson (MN), PA JoAnn Miller (MN) and COB Tracey Pierson (IA).

Over $7,660,000 donated
from members & chapters
across the nation.

Since the formation of the United States Women of Today, we have contributed our time, talents and fundraising efforts to the organizations listed in the image at right. For more information, please check out our new webpage on Service & Donations

How To Join

You can find a local chapter through our State & Local Organizations. If there is no local chapter near you and you are interested in starting one, contact our Extensions Director. Lastly, our Membership Vice President can put you in contact with someone local as well. 

Dues amounts are set by each individual local chapter and/or state. However, $5.00 of your membership dues will go to the USWT.

We support Domestic Violence Awareness, and Wellness & Personal Development programming areas. Check out Programming Vice President for more information. There are also Certification Nights that are social events where chapters will get together to fill out their programming certification forms. However our states and local chapters each have their own community projects as well. We are a volunteer organization that also rewards our members when helping someone in need. The possibilities are endless!


The United States Women of Today meets twice annually. Local and state meetings vary: chapters normally have monthly meetings, whereas states meet 2-4 times annually. Feel free to check out the USWT News & Events for national meetings and upcoming events. Visit State & Local Organizations for links to our state organizations and local chapters.

But it's not just meetings, we are a nonprofit, community service and personal growth organization. Chapters will do local projects such as raise funds to build a community park, or collections for a local women's shelter. There are socials where chapters will meet up for socialization and fun.