Buckets of Sunshine Project

The idea of the USWT Buckets of Sunshine Project (BOS) is to have a service campaign that the public can align to the United States Women of Today. It will allow every chapter to work towards a common goal, but will also have the flexibility to adapt to each community’s individual needs. Each chapter is encouraged to participate by providing Buckets of Sunshine in their community as well as in the USWT Buckets of Sunshine for the Annual Meeting.

The BOS for the Annual Meeting will be coordinated by the USWT Public Relations Director, with the approval of the Marketing Committee, USWT President, and USWT Membership Vice President. A specific program must be promoted early and especially at mid-year convention with a complete information packet to be provided for the members to make this project a huge national success and obtain national recognition that is so well deserved. This project makes a difference in the community that our annual convention is held and to the local communities that receive these bucket(s) as well.

Each year USWT will help chapters meet our challenge to make your Buckets of Sunshine Project a nationally-recognized program. Be sure to use the information to hold a successful campaign of collecting the items that will be badly needed in another community across the United States.

USWT Buckets of Sunshine Project History

The United States Women of Today was formed in 1985 as a leadership training, community service, and personal enrichment organization. Since its inception the organization has raised thousands of dollars for the communities, states and health foundations (i.e. March of Dimes, Arthritis, Leukemia, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Multiple Sclerosis) it serves. There were 18 member states in the United States Women of Today with approximately 4000 members.

At the 1996 Annual meeting the Future Directions Committee made a decision to create a project that would bring name recognition for the organization through public relations. After much brainstorming and idea sharing, the Buckets of Sunshine Project was selected. At the business meeting the proceeding day, the project was adopted and approved by the membership. The goal of the program is to provide "buckets” filled with products to local crisis centers (particularly focused toward women and children). The donated items would benefit someone leaving the center and help defray expenses with starting over in a new home or apartment.

At the June 2002 Annual Meeting, the Marketing Committee decided not to associate the Buckets of Sunshine project with “Make a Difference Day.” It was felt that if the two are kept separate, our communities would benefit from them both. It seems to be confusing to our members along with people in the community and it was felt that the Buckets of Sunshine was lost in the media hype of Make a Difference Day.

Buckets of Sunshine Projects