Sunday Worship


Worship is the beating heart of the church.

Worship draws us into the presence of God and sends us out into the world.

The offering of worship is the distinctive gift of the church to the world. In worship God’s people join with the saints from across the centuries and the nations in honour of the one holy God, who gives life, transformation and strength for daily living.

Worship is a source of blessing, as people grow closer to God, and a source of wisdom, enabling people to develop in their faith and life.

~ Adapted from the introduction to Worshipping God by Revd Elizabeth Welch

Details of this Sunday's worship can be found in the Church Calendar.

Family Worship

We recognise the importance of worshipping together as a family. The initial part of our Sunday service is specifically adapted for children because they are an important part of our community. We hope this helps the children to effectively relate to the Gospel.

In the church sanctuary (where the service is held), toys are available at the back of the church and the front of the worship space is reserved for the younger members of the congregation.

Sunday Club

During the second part of the Sunday service, the younger members of the congregation are invited to leave the main service for their own fellowship. This is an essential element for the spiritual development of the children and allows them the freedom for creative worship using craft, stories, songs, plays and sharing news.

Gravit8 - Ecumenical Youth Club

For all young people, 14 and older

Every Other Tuesday

at the Baptist Church

January 21st Start up for the New Year!

Holy Communion

1st Sunday of the month

"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

~ Acts 2:42

All are welcome at God's table to join the joyful feast.