What is Winning

- Winning -

Every child should want to win. However, every child should also be able to accept losing as well.

What is winning?

Winning is a placement, earning of a medal or trophy, having the better score, setting a new personal record, and achieving a new skill or knowledge.

When you win, win with respect. It’s okay to celebrate, be happy, or be excited but keep in mind it’s a moment in time and not be an ongoing event. It’s not okay to continually rub it in someone else face. You should always compliment your opponent/peer for their effort.

When you lose, it’s really a lesson learned. It’s one of two things learned: “This is not for me” or “I need to change my mindset and preparation plan”. You may have lost due to ill-preparedness, minor hiccups during performance, and/or lack of knowledge.