Dress Code:

Girls - Leotard with tights. Tan jazz shoes. A shirt and shorts may be worn over leotard. Skirt and capris are also acceptable.

Boys- T shirt and shorts. Tan jazz shoes. Dance pants are also acceptable.

Jazz 1

Ages: 7+ yrs

Description: Introduces dancer to the jazz genre and basic technical skills. Builds dancer’s style and confidence while working on spotting single turns, jazz square, and pivots with fun, upbeat music.

  • Prerequisites: 1 year of Combo (Children new to dance age 7 or older may join this class without taking Combo class but may be required to take private lessons or the Barre Basics class to help catch up.)

Jazz 2

Ages: 8+ yrs

Description: The dancers will continue to build on from Jazz 1 and add double turns, high leaps, and work on adding emotions to their performances.

  • Prerequisites: Jazz 1. Single turn, jazz square, and jazz walks