Ages: 3+ yrs

Dress Code: Leotard, leotard with shorts, or shorts and T-shirt. Tights and leggings are acceptable. Hair must be secured back and out of the face. No tutu, dress, or skirts. No jeans.

Acro Perform

Acro Perform is choreography based class. It will be the only acro class that will learn a routine and be a part of the annual recital. The students will apply what the learn in the instructional skill class in combination of stunts and other acro skills.

*Students enrolled in Acro Perform are also required to enroll in a skill specific acro class below throughout the season.

Acro – Basics

Skill of Focus: Handstands, forward rolls, rebounds, and other body control drills

Prerequisites: No pre-requisites required.

Acro – Wheels*

Skill of Focus: Cartwheels and Round Off

Prerequisites: Be able to do a handstand on their own using a wall; must be able to do a forward roll.

Acro – Steps*

Skill of Focus: Walkovers (Front and Back)

Prerequisites: Must be able to do a bridge; execute a clean, controlled handstand without assistance.

Acro – Flight*

Skill of Focus: Side Aerial

Prerequisites: Strong round off rebound; controlled cartwheel with straight legs.

Acro – Ninjaz*

Skill of Focus: Back Handsprings

Prerequisites: Must have a powerful and controlled round off rebound; ability to hold an assisted hand stand.

Acro – Flips*

Skill of Focus: Tucks (Front and Back)

Prerequisites: Must have a powerful and controlled round off rebound.

Acro – Open*

Skill of Focus: Can be front handsprings, layouts, twist/fulls, or other combination skills. Will vary depending on the demand of the student.

Prerequisites: Depending on skill focus but prior acrobatic/gymnastic experience required.

*Note: These fast track classes are designed to train students to learn the intended skills only. Having the pre-requisites is very important. Continued enrollment may be needed to polish up skills. Also due to the high demand of hands on spotting, each class will have a max of 5 students per class.