Dress Code:

Girls - Leotard with tights. Skirt and capris are also acceptable over leotard. Avoid loose fitting items as they can become a hazard when doing partner work. Tan/nude half-sole shoes.

Boys- T shirt and shorts. Tan/nude half-sole shoes. Dance pants are also acceptable.

Contemporary 1

Ages: 8+ yrs

Description: Explore the contemporary style with introductory level technique and focus on interpreting music and choreography. Students will work on stylized choreography and movements.

  • Prerequisites: Ballet 1 or by instructor evaluation and approval.

Contemporary 2

Ages: 10+ yrs

Description: This level uses more intricate movements and incorporates more technical skills to achieve the choreography.

  • Prerequisites: Contemporary 1 and 2 years of a ballet class (Ballet 1 or higher). Properly executing double turns, front split, developpe held at 90 degrees or higher for 8 counts. Fouette turns should be a skill in progress.