Hip Hop

Dress Code: Loose, comfortable clothes, and indoor shoes. No jeans. No street shoes.

Hip Hop 1

Ages: 8+ yrs

Description: The main objective in this class is to learn how to let loose and feel the music. The student will build their confidence through discovering their individuality of movements and flow. Furthermore, they will learn simple body isolation, group peels/ripples, the art and importance of levels, and strong, stable execution of movements. At the meantime, they will also practice variation of the step touch and learn some of the simpler footwork like the shuffle, criss-cross, kicks, rock step, heel-toe (basic swivel), ball change and grapevine.

  • Prerequisites: No experience required.

Hip Hop 2

Ages: 10+ yrs

Description: As the students continue to learn more footwork, they will also combine and transition between already learned moves. Some of the new footworks are slides, glides, airwalk, moonwalk, happy feet, heel toe, pin-drop, and hip-twist. The students will work a little bit into pop and locks as well as tutting. Overall, there will be more creative movements and higher energy in this class than in Hip Hop 1.

  • Prerequisites: Hip-Hop 1. Ability to perform the basic shuffle, rock step, and variations of the step touch and ball change moves. Must be able to count music and follow the beat.