Policies & Procedures

- Roles and Duties -


- Support their child by bringing them to class on time with appropriate apparel and gear.

- Support and seek the understanding as to why the instructors are teaching the way they are.

- Be a good role model to your child.

- Respect and allow the instructors to do their job.


- Teach, inspire, motivate, and guide the students to be the best they can be.

- Leave no student behind by communicating with the parents on the progress of the child and suggest any additional or alternative options that may help.

- Make decisions on costumes and makeup for their respective classes.

- Notify parents, students, and other staff on individual class changes.

Studio director:

- Support instructors and employees intellectually and physically.

- Oversee that instructors have a constructive, instructional plan so students are making measurable progress.

- Seek fairness and equality for all students.

- Handling of administrative work: all registrations, billings, and newsletters.

- Be an available resource for parents, students and staff with any studio matters.

- Closed Door Policy -

Parents are not allowed in the studio during class except in emergency or permitted by the instructor. Parents are welcome to watch their child from the main hallway through the glass doors. Please bring questions or concerns to the instructor’s attention only between or around classes. This policy is to allow the instructors to give their full attention to the students to maximize their gain.

- Tuition and Payments -

Tuition fee covers tuition cost only and will no longer cover costume cost. Every student will receive a FREE end of the year recital DVD.

Tuition may be pre-paid in full or in 6 monthly installments. Monthly installments will be due by the 5th business day of each month. Payments after the 5th business day will be charged a $10.00 late fee. Being two or more months behind on payments may result in having the student temporarily sit out from class activities and/or possibly termination.

Costumes will not be handed out until both costumes and tuition have been fully paid for.

All payments are to be made payable to “Universal Dance Academy” and may be dropped into the payment box located in the studio hallway.

Full Season Cost


30-Minute Classes- $170 ($28.34/mo)

45-Minute Classes - $250 ($41.67/mo)

55-Minute Classes - $300 ($50.00/mo)


$120 per class

Fitness Class Cost (Not included in discounts)

Payment for fitness classes maybe either through punch card or per drop in.

Classes available:

- Balance and Flexibility

- Strength and Core

- Bootcamp

Punch cards: 10 punches (1 punch = 1 class) + 2 guest punches per card for $50.00 each.

(Note: Guest punches may only be used for a guest and not the card holder themselves.)

Drop-in: $5.00 per class.

5-Week Classes (Not included in discounts)

Creative Movements: $25.00 per session

Acro Skill Classes: $45 per session

5-Week Session Dates

Session 1: Sep 9 – Oct 11, 2019 Session 4: Jan 6 – Feb 7, 2020

Session 2: Oct 14 – Nov 15, 2019 Session 5: Feb 10 – Mar 13, 2020

Session 3: Nov 18 – Jan 3, 2020 Session 6: Mar 16 – Apr 24, 2020

- Communication -

The primary source of communication will be through the Remind app.

In addition to Remind, monthly newsletters and other informational updates will also be handed out in a hard copy form to the students to bring home as well as posted at the studio.

Extra handouts or forms may be found in the wall pocket folder above the payment box in the main studio hallway.

NOTE: Facebook will only be a source of communication for the general public and not as an internal communication platform from the studio to the parents.

Below are the instructions on how to join Remind:

- Dates and Schedules (Teamup) -

Events, private lessons, and class schedules may be found on Teamup.

Teamup may be accessed by downloading the app or visiting it online at https://teamup.com/ks2zcoyao49saz1yry.

Please use the code ‘ks2zcoyao49saz1yry’ to login via the Teamup app.

- Weather Cancellation -

If the Marshfield School District cancels school due to weather, the studio will also cancel classes for that day. However, the studio reserves the right to carry on with classes if the weather turns out better than anticipated even if the Marshfield School District calls for no school. In this instance, a notification will be sent out via Remind by 1pm that same day.

- Class Makeup -

Classes will not be made up unless if there are more than 2 days of cancelled classes. In the event the studio is unable to make up the cancelled classes, the tuition will be prorated and refunded the difference.

- Recital Performances –

The end of the season recital will be primarily to showcase regular class’ achievements throughout the season and our senior solo(s). Any other performances will be in the discretion of the Director.

Competition routines may be showcased in the recital if the routine scores a Platinum or equivalent at a competition during the season.

- Awards –


Students with 5 or more years with the studio will be recognized at the annual recital. Students will be awarded at 5 years, 8 years, 10 years, and every year after that.


We believe the purpose of joining a class is to learn knew things and make progress along the way. Each season, each instructor will be pick one of their students that they feel has made the most progress to receive the Most Improved award.


Each instructor may award up to 2 students for something the they have done that stood out to the instructor.

- Refunds & Termination -

Universal Dance Academy reserves the right to terminate any student that may be a probable conflict with the studio’s daily activities.

Tuition may be refunded for the remaining of the session or season if a reasonable notice of termination is provided by the parents. (e.g. moving or long-term doctor restriction)

Tuition will not be prorated or refunded due to the absence of the student.

Tuition will not be refunded if the student leaves the studio in bad terms. Bad terms include, but is not limited to having poor attendance, termination by the studio, being disrespectful, missing multiple payments, bad mouthing the studio, or competing without the common interest of the studio or studio awareness.

COMPETITION - Once registered, competition registration fees are no longer refundable, unless if the competition company permits it.

- Leveling Up -

Students are not guaranteed to automatically move up to the next level after completing a season of a class. Leveling up will be based on the mastering of required skills, intellectual knowledge, and physical abilities.

- Attendance -


There is no attendance requirement for regular classes, but we highly suggest students attend at least 80% of the classes for the benefit the students’ learning and for recital choreography purposes.

NOTE: Missing more than 40% percent of the class may result in an automatic termination and will not be refunded for paid tuition.


3 Strikes You’re Out: Due to a choreography-based class structure for competition classes, students may not miss more than 3 practices. Missing more than 3 practices will result in termination from the class. This is for the best interest of the whole group. (10 individuals missing 3 days each can be equivalent to 30 weeks of class time without a full group.)

Injury Absence: If a student is out due to injury, they are asked to still attend classes. They can always learn mentally or practice other movements that is not related to the injury.

Long Term Illness: If a student is out for a longer period of time but less than 2 weeks due to a chronic illness, the whole event will count as 1 missed practice. However, the absence must be accompanied by a doctor's note stating the illness. (Please note: Student may be pulled out from a performance and/or the class if they miss more than 2 weeks of class due to a chronic illness.)

Trips/Vacations: Please plan family trips accordingly. Each student will be allowed one multiple day family trip to count as one day of absence. Any additional multiple day trip will be counted as a day for day absence against their attendance requirement.


Other studio events include, but are not limited to Children’s Fest in April, rehearsal in May, holiday recital, end of the year recital. Student participation at these events will be required by signing up for class.

(The following classes will be performing at Children’s Fest on April 18, 2020: Ballet 1, Acro Perform, Hip Hop 2, Tap 2, and Jazz 3.)

- Dress Code -

Please don’t dress your child in clothing and items that may be a distraction or hinder their learning. (e.g. big shirt that keeps falling off the shoulder, funky hair bands with bouncy accessories, dangly earrings and necklaces.)

Booty shorts may be worn over leotards.

Hair must be secured back and out of the face.

See class descriptions and requirements on specifics for each class.