Email Guidelines For Rotarians

Email Guidelines for Rotarians

Guidelines composed by the Customer Focus Group and the Technology Task Force of Rotary International

Email pertaining to Rotary should contain “Rotary” in the subject line.

  1. All Rotary Email should contain a signature block that includes the name of the person sending the Email and the sender’s title or committee designation (if any).

  2. No Rotarian should be added to an “e-groups” or other type of bulk mailing list without that person’s permission; excepting mailing lists specifically established for RI Directors, Trustees, and Officers (including, but not limited to District Governors, District Governors Elect, District Governors Nominee), as well as RI Committee members, RI Task Force Chairmen and Coordinators, DICOs, CICOs, and Club President.

  3. By virtue of having accepted the duties and responsibilities of their positions, Rotarians included in the “exception” list in Guideline #3 shall be presumed to have given permission to receive Email pertaining to their positions.

  4. There should be no presumption of delivery of Email, unless the Email is acknowledged by the recipient.

  5. E-groups and other bulk mailing lists shall not be used for expressing political views or for the distribution of “spam,” such as jokes and the like.

  6. All policies and procedures contained in the Rotary International Manual of Procedure pertaining to circularization shall be applicable to all Email communication.

  7. E-mail lists shall not be published in any form that is available to the public. Websites containing mailing lists or individual e-mail addresses (other than the e-mail addresses of the webmasters) should be password protected. Such passwords should not be distributed to non-Rotarians.

  8. All users of e-mail should be encouraged to maintain an up-to-date version of viruschecking software on their computers.

  9. Whenever possible, attachments to e-mails should be avoided. Copy and paste information into the body of the email. If an attachment is absolutely necessary, the attachment should be scanned to ensure that it is virus free before it is sent.

  10. Brevity in email messages is encouraged. No Forwarding of email without consent. Copying large numbers of Rotarians is discouraged.