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Completed copies of this form should be submitted to the Club's Secretary for proposal to the board, nomination, election and decision.

Rotary is first and foremost a service club as the Rotary motto "service above self" confirms.

Rotary is first and foremost a service club as the Rotary motto “service above self” confirms. If you are prepared to make the necessary commitment to Rotary, it will bring tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction. As Rotarians, we have the opportunity to lead by providing service to our community both locally and internationally and thus, make our world a better place for all.

Joining any Rotary Club, certainly a successful and vibrant one, is a significant commitment of time and energy. In the experience of generations of Rotarians, it is the regular attendance at meetings and generous participation on our projects and fund raising that gives rise to the feelings of accomplishment and fellowship that make Rotary a highly valued part of Rotarians' lives.

Accordingly, attendance at Rotary should be the norm. If holidays or life circumstances make it impossible to attend a few meetings, you will not be drummed out of Rotary even if, for a month or so, your attendance falls.

The club will ask you to become involved in at least one committee and one of our projects because we know that is the way to have you fully enjoy Rotary and make your own contribution. It's by sitting on committees and planning and attending Rotary projects with your fellow Rotarians that the fellowship of Rotary will truly be developed for you. Please speak up if you have a preference to serving on a specific committee.

Rotary is not inexpensive in terms of time or money commitment. Financially, these include:

• Initiation fee is $40 (may be waived) and annual dues are $230

• Currently (2017) we meet at the VISAC Gallery. Bring or purchase your own lunch from the Seniors’ Centre; meeting fee is $4 to cover room rental

• You will be hit up for a couple of dollars a week in rackets, which are fines for real or imagined transgressions of Rotary rules

• For having a birthday, you contribute $10 to the club in that month

• Additionally, and in keeping with Rotary International's "Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY)" program, you are encouraged to contribute annually to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund. This contribution enables our club to access matching grants for our community and international projects.

Being able to make an even bigger difference in people's lives through successful projects creates a motivated membership which in turn leads to more members, more projects and more fellowship and satisfaction. The Rotary wheel has three spokes, attendance, participation and financial contribution. If all these spokes are working, the wheel runs smoothly.

Rotary Club of Trail, Membership Committee -Ardith White, December 2017