Rotary Club of Trail

Weekly Meetings 

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 12.00 - 13.00 h

See our calendar for meeting details

Sept-June, VISAC Gallery, 1501 Cedar Ave., Trail, BC, V1R 4C7

July-Aug, Gyro Park, 234 Park Rd., Trail, BC, V1R 4X7

Lana Rodlie, President


So why join a Rotary Club?  Let me explain.  Being a Rotarian is much more than just cleaning up a highway for 2 hours or selling popcorn at a market.  

Being a Rotarian is being a contributor to a better world.  Our dues go to help people in Third World countries such as: water projects where people are still hauling water on their heads; supporting a single mother to start a business; helping to eradicate Polio; making lives better for people with disabilities supporting medical teams (which any Rotarian can join) to provide eye, cleft pallet, osteo-surgeries and countless other initiatives that North Americans take for granted.  Dues also support Youth Exchange programs, business and professional exchanges, post graduate scholarships and more. more