The Antichrist


This study guide is designed to help you study for yourself what the Bible says about the Antichrist.

The term antichrist is found only in these scriptures:

I John 2:18-29

I John 4:1-6

II John 1:5-11

Refer to these scriptures to answer the study questions.


According to John, when is the "last hour"?

How do we know it is the last hour?

Where or how did they hear that the antichrist was coming?

How many antichrists are there?

What do these phrases tell us about the antichrists?

"They went out from us"

"but they did not really belong to us"

"they would have remained with us"

"their going showed that none of them belonged to us"

What is the teaching or belief that defines a person as an antichrist?

In I John 4:1, when John tells us to test the spirits, who or what is he talking about?

What type of person does John mention in this verse?

Do you think John is making a connection between this person and antichrist?

How do we know if a spirit is from God?

In II John 1:7, What term does John use to describe the antichrist?

What is the teaching of these people?

How many are there?


Based on your study of these scriptures, do you think antichrist is

A. A powerful, politically connected world leader.


B. A false teacher pretending to be a christian, but denying Jesus as

the son of God, and trying to deceive people about Jesus.

Do these scriptures suggest

A. that there are many antichrists going throughout the world.


B. that there is one powerful person who is the antichrist.

Are there any biblical reasons to connect the beasts of Revelation with the antichrists of I John and II John? If so, what are they?

John the Apostle is the only writer in the Bible to use the term "antichrist" (1 John, 2 John, 3 John). John the Apostle also wrote the Book of Revelation.

If the beasts of revelation are supposed to be identified with the antichrist, why didn't John use the term "antichrist" in Revelation to describe them?