Revelation Summary


I. Interpretations.

A. End times described.

B. Whole Christian age described in cycles.

C. Why different interpretations?

1. View of physical Israel and the church.

2. Degree of literal, figurative understanding. Everyone understands that there is symbolism in the book.

II. Revelation 1-11 Summary

A. The risen, glorified Jesus in the midst of his churches.

This is today's reality.

Jesus is here, today, with us!

In the seven churches, we see real, literal situations in real, literal churches.

But we also see ourselves in a mirror. We see in principle the condition of the church (and individual churches) throughout the christian age.

B. Then we move to heaven to see God on his throne and Jesus the lamb as He goes to the right hand of God and receives his authority.

C. Then we go back to the earth to see history unfolding through conquest, war, famine, and plague. We see those who die because of their testimony about Jesus protected under the altar in Heaven. Finally we see those who reject God and Jesus fleeing to hide as the Judgement Day approaches.

D. Now we see on earth (in the 144,000) God's people marked with His seal to protect them from the spiritual battles to come. We also see all those who have survived the spiritual battle to death serving God in Heaven.

E. The Seven Trumpets

1. Physical consequences of man's sin.

Now , back on earth, in the first four of the seven trumpets we see the consequences of man's sin as disaster and destruction are poured on the earth, seas, rivers, and the sky.

2. Spiritual consequences of man's sin.

Now in the first two woes we see the spiritual attacks on the inhabitants of the earth and their failure to repent.

F. The Scroll, the temple, and the two witnesses.

The emphasis here is on God's word as it is proclaimed on the earth.

1. The Word of God goes out with great power and provides salvation to those who receive it.

2. There is suffering and death involved in the proclaiming of the Word.

G. Finally, with the sounding of the seventh trumpet and the third woe,

we come to a description of the Day of Judgement, the second coming of Jesus.

1. The kingdom.

2. The time for judgement and reward.

3. The time to destroy those who destroy the earth.

4. God's temple is opened and the ark of the covenant is seen.

III. Revelation 12-22 Summary

A. The dragon and the child. Starting over with Jesus' first time on earth.

B. The evil world system.

C. Severe suffering for God's people.

D. Severe judgement on those who reject God and persecute his people.

E. Babylon: Power, materialism and greed.

F. The wedding procession.

G. Final judgement.

H. The new heaven and new earth.

IV. Who is this book written for?

A. The people of John's time.

B. People through out the Christian age.

C. People of the last generation.

V. What is the message of revelation?

A. Warning.

1. The consequences of rejecting God.

2. The consequences of greed and materialism.

3. The consequences of trying to be God.

B. Encouragement.

1. God (and Jesus) will be victorious.

2. The devil and evil will be defeated.

3. The one who is faithful to God will be saved.

C. Evangelism.

1. 21:6-8.

2. 22:12-21.