Revelation 19




I. Heaven celebrates God's victory over Babylon.

A. The shout of the great multitude. (Angels)

1. Hallelujah. "Praise ye Jah" (God).

2. Salvation and glory and power.

3. True and just are his judgements.

4. He has avenged the blood of His servants.

B. The twenty four elders (saints) and the four living creatures.

1. Amen, Hallelujah.

C. The voice from heaven calling God's servants to praise him.

D. God's servants praise him. (Everyone in heaven)

1. The sound of the great multitude.

2. LIKE the roar of rushing waters.

3. LIKE loud peals of thunder.

E. The shout of praise.

1. Hallelujah

2. Our Lord God Almighty reigns.

3. Let us rejoice and be glad.

4. Give Him the glory.

Two meals are served: The wedding supper of the lamb (reward); and the great supper of God (judgement).

II. The wedding supper of the Lamb. The supper of salvation.

A. The Jewish marriage.

1. The betrothal: The terms of the marriage are accepted in the presence of witnesses and God's blessing is pronounced on the union. Bride and groom are now legally husband and wife, but not physically together yet.

2. The dowery: the groom pays the dowery.

3. The interval of separation: Sometimes the dowery is paid in the form of service to the bride's father. Gen. 29:18-20

4. The procession at the end of the interval: The groom and his friends go to the bride's home to get her an take her to his home or the home of his parents. This is done with singing and bearing of torches and lamps. Matt. 25:1-13

5. The wedding feast including the marriage supper: The entire feast can last several days. Matt. 22:2-14

B. The Jewish marriage as a symbol of the relationship between Jehovah and his people and Jesus and the church.

1. The betrothal: Jesus' first coming: The church is betrothed to Christ. 2 Cor. 11:2

2. The dowery: Jesus paid the price for us.

The church's one foundation

is Jesus Christ her Lord,

She is his new creation

by water and the word.

From heaven he came and sought her

to be his holy bride;

With his own blood he bought her,

and for her life he died.

3. The interval of separation: From the ascension to the return.

Matt. 9:14-15. During this time the bride must make herself ready Rev. 19:7-8:

The bride has made herself ready.

Fine linen was given to her. (Salvation is a gift).

Fine linen represents the righteous acts of the saints.

4. The procession and the marriage supper: The second come of Jesus. The groom comes to get his bride and takes her to his father's house.

E. The blessing of those who are invited.

1. Matt. 25:1-13. The ten virgins.

III. The great supper of God. The supper of judgement and destruction.

A. We have been introduced to several persons or groups who are opposing Jesus and his people, and we are now seeing what happens to them.

1. Those who worship the beast. Rev. 15-16.

2. Babylon. Rev. 17-18.

3. The beast and the false prophet. Rev. 19:20.

4. The dragon, devil. Rev. 20:10.