Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connection

Smick connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection. Can be connected to:

  • a normal home router connected to the wired telephone network (Figure 1)
  • a Wi-Fi 3G / 4G portable router (Figure 2)
  • a phone in tethering mode (hotspot) (Figure 3).

Figure 1 - wired router

Figure 2 - Wi-Fi 3G / 4G portable router

Figure 3 - phone in tethering mode

Here's how to set up your wifi router credentials

Set the router SSID

] wifissid = mySSID

set the router password

] wifipass = myPass

store the configuration

] save

Connect to the router

Connect to the Wi-Fi router:

] wifi=1

and wait for it to connect.

Wi-Fi connecting ...
Wi-Fi connected to 'Telekom-59086450' with IP: