Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connection

Smick connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection. Can be connected to:

  • a normal home router connected to the wired telephone network (Figure 1)
  • a Wi-Fi 3G / 4G portable router (Figure 2)
  • a phone in tethering mode (hotspot) (Figure 3).

Figure 1 - wired router

Figure 2 - Wi-Fi 3G / 4G portable router

Figure 3 - phone in tethering mode

Here's how to set up your wifi router credentials

Set the router SSID

  • ] wifissid = mySSID

set the router password

  • ] wifipass = myPass

store the configuration

  • ] save

enable Wi-Fi connection

  • ] wifi = 1
WIFI    WiFi connection to 'mySSID' enabled
WIFI    connected with IP:

NTP     connecting to 0.it.pool.ntp.org
NTP     date and time updated 07-09-2017 00:22:46
OTA     Check firmware update
OTA     no updates
MQTT    connecting to m20.cloudmqtt.com:14596
MQTT    user: smick, client-ID: Smick-217675678
MQTT    uses user-defined feeds
MQTT    subscribe to: I35232
MQTT      publish on: O35232
< Conn

and now smick is connected.