Smick visual guide

Learning to interact with things and sharing them on the Internet without being magicians of electronics and programming is possible if you have the right tools.

This visual guide aims to illustrate what Smick is and how to use it to make IoT devices in a simple way. The first part of the guide describes the features of Smick and the initial settings to program it and to connect it to the Internet. The second part shows how to connect sensors and actuators and control them using the instructions of the K language. The third part presents projects of interactive and interconnected devices so that they can be replicated and customized.

Each part is divided into several teaching modules. Each module presents the contents to be learned in visual form and ends with a test to provide feedback on what has been learned. Many modules include a practical part, the Lab, which is left to the reader to practice.

Some sections provide activities for connecting sensors and actuators and writing instructions in K language to make them work. It is advisable to perform all the steps, even if trivial, because the purpose is to make you exercise over and over again for a better assimilation of the contents.

We hope you will learn to build your IoT devices with enthusiasm and fun.