Variables are names that identify PINs, sensors, actuators, events, configuration and system parameters.

Input PINs

  • A0 analog input PIN
  • D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8 digital input PINs

Output PINs

  • d0, d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8 digital or analog (PWM) output PINs


  • Rf 433MHz RF receiver
  • Temp temperature sensor
  • Hum humidity sensor
  • Sonar distance sensor
  • Press pressure in hPA
  • Presl pressure at the sea level in hPA
  • Tempb temperature (in degrees Celsius)
  • Alt altitude (in meters)


  • rf 433MHz RF transmitter
  • sound sound generator
  • led status led
  • sonar maximum sonar visibility distance
  • motor1 motor 1
  • motor2 motor 2
  • press set the pressure at the current sea level expressed in hPa (default=1013.25)


  • Cal indicates that the calendar has been updated
  • Year year of date
  • Month month of date
  • Day day of date
  • WDay day of the week of the date (1=Sunday, 2=Monday,...,7=Saturday)
  • Hour hour time
  • Min minutes of the hour
  • Sec secondss of the hour
  • Secs number of seconds elapsed since power up
  • Rssi power of the router's Wifi signal
  • Wificon indicates whether the Wi-Fi router is connected
  • Mqttcon indicates if the MQTT broker is connected
  • Telnetcon indicates if a Telnet client is connected
  • Eval indicates that an expression has been evaluated
  • Ver version of the interpreter K
  • Sn Smick Serial number
  • Wifiip local IP assigned by DHCP

System parameters

  • wifi indicates whether the Wi-Fi module is enabled
  • web indicates whether the web server is enabled
  • ser indicates whether the serial interface is enabled
  • telnet indicates whether the telnet interface is enabled
  • status indicates whether the Status LED is enabled
  • val result of the last evaluated expression
  • mqttio indicates whether the MQTT channel is interactive
  • bell indicates whether the sending the BELL code to the Serial and Telnet interfaces is enabled
  • dhtype indicates the type of temperature and humidity sensors DHT

Configuration parameters

  • device device type
  • disweb minutes of inactivity for automatic web server deactivation
  • disser minutes of inactivity for automatic serial interface deactivation
  • distel minutes of inactivity for automatic telnet interface deactivation
  • ntpupd period, in minutes, of the calendar update request
  • timezone time zone of your locality
  • dst indicator for summer time (Daylight Saving Time)
  • otaupd period, in minutes, of the firmware update request
  • mqttport MQTT server port
  • msgform message format
  • echo indicates whether the echo is managed by the serial terminal
  • sleep hibernation mode delay
  • trace indicates whether trace mode is enabled