Free your creativity

Use Smick for one thing: for everything

Smick's goal is to put IoT technology in everyone's hands. Smick is designed for anyone who wants to build interconnected objects but does not have the skills to do so. With the simplicity and power of the K language it's easy to create complex logic and exchange data with the Internet.

1. Smick in the research

Rapid prototyping

Smick is valid in research and experimentation because it's born from this context after several prototype approaches. Its simplicity makes it easy and quick to build prototypes. Its strength is the interpreter of the K language that allows the experimenter to build interactive and incremental control logic.

2. Smick in school

To learn with pleasure

Smick is a useful tool for STEM teachers who need to involve students in building small projects by implementing the studied concepts. With this approach, having to build something working, the guys are stimulated to confront and learn new knowledge directly from the Internet becoming active subjects of their training.

3. Smick at home

Perfect handyman

The use can be as simple as automating turning on/off lights and appliances or important as monitoring energy consumption. If you are the handyman who normally solves the home technical problems think how many different ways Smick can help you do more, faster and better. You will also be able to discover new and interesting ways to perform the usual tasks. Smick is a new hyper-technology tool to put in your toolbox.

4. Now it's your turn!

Experiment, fail, learn and repeat

Smick is far more than an impressive mix of silicon and software enclosed in a small plastic brick. It's a device that will meet your needs now and in the future. If you integrate it with all the sensors and actuators you will get a personalized smart transducer that suits your needs. If you prefer, you can simply start with a sample circuit and add everything you need from time to time. You will be surprised by the simplicity with which you can build interactive and interconnected things through the Internet to solve the most varied issues.