The commands work on the actuators to perform actions on the environment. There are commands that also work on internal system components such as: workspace, archive, time and timings, configuration and system. Executing a command returns:

  • ok if it was done correctly
  • nok: error description if not done correctly
  • data if it requires info or evaluate expressions.


rfon generates an ON signal on 433MHz RF transmitter (deprecated: use rf=1)

rfoff generates OFF signal on 433MHz RF transmitter (deprecated: use rf=0)

rfch defines 433MHz RF transmitter channel


erase clears timed commands and workspace

new clears workspace


save stores the work area or configuration in the archive

load clears the work area and loads a sketch from the archive

merge loads a sketch from the archive and joins it with the one in the workspace

run loads and executes a sketch

del | rm remove a sketch from the archive

type | cat displays a sketch stored in the archive

dir | ls lists the files stored in the archive


Date returns the current date

Time returns the current time

ntp requires updating the calendar to the NTP server


pause suspends running timed commands, events, and rules

play resumes running timed commands, events, and rules

kill clears timed commands


help view the reference to Smick's website

conf displays the configuration parameters

hi displays the welcome message (splash)

csv sets csv message format

var sets variable message format

query sets query message format

js sets js message format

json sets json message format

ntpserver NTP server name

mqttserver MQTT server name

mqttclient MQTT client name

mqttuser MQTT user name

mqttpass MQTT password

mqttin MQTT input channel name

mqttout MQTT output channel name

ssid web server SSID

pass web server password

wifissid Wi-Fi router SSID

wifipass Wi-Fi router password

wifissid2 second Wi-Fi router SSID

wifipass2 second Wi-Fi router password

wifissid3 third Wi-Fi router SSID

wifipass3 third Wi-Fi router password

sos SOS event

ota requires the firmware update

fota forces the OTA update with the latest available version

host host name for telnet connection

login user name for serial or telnet interface

password secret word for serial or telnet interface

bitrate sets the bit rate of the serial connection

kinter K interpreter interface (0=serial, 1=telnet)

nbiot enables / disables NB-IoT functions

nbport set the socket listening UDP port (e.g. 5680) for NB-IoT

nbserverip set the remote server IP for NB-IoT

nbserverport set the remote server port (e.g. 5685) for NB-IoT

std standard data format

dec decimal code data format

hex hexadecimal code data format

bin binary code data format

chr character data format

voxkey your API key of VUI bridge


stop clears timed commands and runs the user-defined stop command

start runs stop command and the user-defined start command

reset performs a hot reset

reboot reinitializes the system without resetting

webclear clears Wi-Fi credentials embedded in the web interface