Smart brick for IoT

Internet of Everything for everyone

1. Internet of Everything

With the spread of the Internet and the creation of mobile networks (90s), People are today interconnected both at home and in mobility, thus making the Internet of People (IoP: Internet of People). Today we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT: Internet of Things), which aims to connect to the Internet also the Things, finally reaching the Internet of Everything, where Things and People will be globally interconnected.

Figure 1 - Internet of Everything

2. Smart Transducer

To make this possible it is necessary to realize smart transducers, i.e. sensors and actuators, capable of processing and exchanging data with the Internet. Smick is the smart component of this transducer consisting of a wireless transceiver and a processor. Smick is easy to use and will allow everyone to create interconnected objects to share, besides information, things as well.

Figure 2 - Smick is the smart component