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Smick meets Alexa and Google Home

Smick is integrated with Alexa and now also with Google Home.

You can have fun with the IoT building a little at a time your home automation and controlling it with Alexa, Google Home or both!

See how to control Christmas lights with both Alexa and Google Home.

Smick meets Alexa

Smick is ready for the new era of Voice User Interfaces (VUI).

See how to make your smart devices controlled by voice.

For further information see Exercises 1 and 2.

New firmware release 16.

With the new firmware release 16, Smick includes Alexa. With the voice assistant Alexa, from Amazon, you can command Smick with the voice.

To manage Alexa are added:

  1. a new configuration parameter:
    • voxkey your API key of VUI bridge.
  2. a new command:
    • vox indicates whether the VUI is enabled.
  3. and four new events:
    • Voxcon indicates whether the VUI is connected,
    • Voxdev VUI device identifier (device ID),
    • Voxcom VUI command code,
    • Voxval value of VUI command.

When Alexa receives a command for your device, she understands it and sends a message to Smick containing:

    • device identifier (Voxdev),
    • command code (Voxcom) and
    • a numerical parameter (Voxval).

To trace the messages sent by Alexa use the following sketch:

   // set your VUI key, enable VUI and set JSON data format
   start = [voxkey = "f83702bb-f9ee-43db-b25d-968a874a2d14", vox = 1, json]     
   // define trace message
   msg = [Voxdev, Voxcom, Voxval]
   // If I receive a message from Alexa, show it
   Voxdev != "" -> msg

   Here's how a command received from Alexa is traced:

Note: "f83702bb-f9ee-43db-b25d-968a874a2d14" is an example key.

Connect a flower pot to the Internet

How many times did you forget to water your flower pot? With a soil moisture sensor you will give the flower pot the instrument to alert you when it will be thirsty (see Photo 1). This example of analog input uses a soil moisture sensor to detect and report via the Internet two events: dry soil (Dry) and wet soil (Wet).