Patriotism is the love and faith in the country defined as a political identity. It is often observed that people divided by boundaries have a feeling of belonging. It is not patriotism, but something else called Nationalism. Patriotism leads to duty towards the country, and Nationalism is about the pride of similar ethnicity.


Nationalism is the feeling of belonging irrespective of political boundaries. It is a virtual or imagined identity created by people. Canadian researcher Michael Ignatieff worked further on these and proposed two types, namely Civic and Ethnic Nationalism.

  • Civic Nationalism: Civic Nationalism is the feeling of oneness developed due to common civic values.
  • Ethnic Nationalism: Ethnic Nationalism is the feeling of belonging due to common ethnicities like language, religion, caste, race, food habits, and culture


European people share a similar Civic mannerism. It is the civic identity of which most of the Europeans find themselves part of. It is an example of Civic Nationalism.

One the contrary, Indian people, shifted to UK two generations earlier still feels the belonging with Indian due common language, custom, and values. It is an Ethnic Nationalism.