Keep eye on future

Work in the present and keep an eye on the future

Samidha volunteers together went for the trek. It is considered moderately difficult but a long trek. We decided to do it in the night. None of us realized it before reaching there that it was a no moon day. Move over, and nobody had explored it before. Everybody was excited, and it started well. It didn't take us long to figure out that we were a lot. We sensed the situation and decided on the strategies. A couple of active members moved to the end, and few were leading the group. Initially, I was also leading the group.

I had to make a call to continue the same way or change the strategies. I decided to take 2-3 members with me and go-ahead to explore the directions. Otherwise, the entire group had engaged in the exploration and could have added to the fatigue. My team was going ahead, was identifying the options, exploring them to some extent, and coming back to a meeting point. Based on the difficulty and directions towards our goal, we were suggesting the way ahead. It was more comfortable for the team to move as the path was known to a certain extent.

This incidence reflects my personality. I do the same most of the time in my project. I let teams continue working till a certain point and meanwhile use part of my resources for the exploration. It almost works like a mini research-lab. It helps me pock into the future and anticipates the challenges. I can design solutions beforehand. Therefore, most of the projects were successful. The team also feel that they are being led by a visionary. This is possible only when I can develop a strong team to work in the present.