Balance of work and additional challenges

Balance of regular work and additional challenges

I did my schooling in a small town from the State of Maharashtra, India. I had a mathematics teacher during my Secondary education (10th Grade). The government had introduced different difficulty levels under each topic. 'A' was the easiest, and 'D' was the difficult most section. It was advised to focus on the first three sections and not attempted difficult most part to save time. Teachers were also struggling while solving the last section, and therefore, it was considered during the regular teaching hours. Few of the students and my mathematics teacher use to seat together after regular teaching hours and solve that section. I use to enjoy that more than anything else. Did it contribute to scoring more? The answer is no. But it helped me realize that I love challenges. I could spend a pleasant time dealing with it. I enjoy it even if people don't see it translated into success. It became part of my personality latter. It took me a while and cost a lot to understand that completing the regular tasks is equally important. There onward, I completed the routine assigned tasks on time and with defined expectations. Additionally, took challenges which gave me happiness.

After joining my post-graduate degree, I completed my degree with just enough scores and spent a good amount of time in the areas of interest. I use to implement algorithms which were not part of the syllabus and further improvised it to optimize my logic. Another challenge was to work for an Art Circle. It was the first time when I experienced my theories working. I decided to do the same and established a non-profit organization immediately after completing my post-graduation. So that I can complete my regular responsibilities at the work and then could enjoy the challenges.

Soon I realized that my professional life was also shaped similarly. I was completing my regular assignment and was finding time to work on the things of interests. During my internship, I worked on the Crawler as decided by the organization and out of my interested used Queuing theory to prove that new coffee vending is required. It continued the same during my first job as well. It resulted in getting additional responsibilities of developing independent game just in the first 6months. I kept the same throughout my career after that. It always demanded added commitment but helped me grow faster.